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Best Practice Guide for Ram Breeders     - 21/12/2016
A copy of the Best Practice Guide has been distributed to all SIL Breeders this month. read more

NZGE Leader List Opt Out     - 20/12/2016
From Feb 2017 all flocks meeting the NZGE Leader List criteria are eligible to be listed unless they choose to opt out of the NZGE Leader List. read more

2015 CPT results released     - 17/7/2015
Latest B+LNZ Genetics CPT Results now available *** NEW *** read more

B+LNZ Genetics Sheep Breeders Forum     - 10/6/2015
The second annual Sheep Breeders Forum is planned for July 23 & 24 in Napier. read more

SIL recorded sheep for sale - 20-feb-2015     - 22/2/2015
Test page - to assess interest in listings of SIL flocks, or part flocks, for sale read more

FlockFinder Smartphone App     - 10/11/2014
A new FlockFinder app for smart phones helps locate genetics you want *** NEW *** read more

2014 B+LNZ Sheep Industry Awards     - 7/8/2014
Results are now out for the 2014 B+LNZ Sheep Industry Awards *** NEW *** read more

Bareness Goal Trait Group     - 29/11/2013
Release of new trait read more

Health trait flock lists updated     - 11/9/2013
Ram buyers - lists of flocks breeding for health traits *** UPDATED *** read more

New Meat Yield eBVs compared to old Meat eBVs     - 23/8/2013
An examination of how new eBVs for carcass merit differ from old eBVs *** USEFUL *** read more

2013 B+LNZ Sheep Industry Awards     - 15/8/2013
Results are now out for the 2013 B+LNZ Sheep Industry Awards read more

Sheep Breeders Day     - 15/8/2013
An event focusing on tools to enhance ram breeding programmes *** UPDATED 15-Aug-2013 *** read more

2013 CPT Results booklet released     - 15/8/2013
Latest B+LNZ CPT Results are available to download... read more

AAABG Meeting, Oct-2013     - 1/7/2013
Major Applied Genetics Conference, Napier, 20-23 October, 2013 read more

Changes to SIL-ACE Sire Leader Lists     - 25/10/2012
There are now fewer variations for DP indexes combining information across goal trait groups. read more

Buying rams?     - 22/8/2012
SIL has a variety of information to help ram buyers. *** IMPORTANT *** read more

2012 SIL index changes     - 22/8/2012
SIL proposes to change weightings in SIL standard indexes for DP & TS sheep. read more

2012 B+LNZ CPT Results booklet     - 22/8/2012
The 2012 Results booklet is now available. *** NEW *** read more

Updated Leader Lists for SIL-ACE Survival     - 8/3/2012
New SIL-ACE Sire Leader Lists for Lamb Survival posted on SIL-ACE downloads page. ***UPDATE***  read more

Dag Score evaluation revised     - 23/9/2011
SIL has revised the dag score evaluation to fix probelms encountered with data in some flocks ***NEW***  read more

New Breeder Search tool released     - 6/9/2011
A new tool, BreederFinder, has been released *** USEFUL*** ... read more

GeneTalk archive updated to Sep-2011     - 1/9/2011
SIL has updated the archive of GeneTalk and other rural press articles ... read more

SIL-ACE information reorganized     - 22/8/2011
To make it easier to find what  you want ... read more

Sheep50k breeding values available     - 12/5/2011
 IMPORTANT UPDATE  about Pfizer Animal Genetics Sheep50k BVs on SIL ... read more

Updated Health trait flocks lists available     - 4/5/2011
SIL has updated lists of flocks selecting for three health traits... read more

RamFinder testing continues...     - 4/5/2011
The RamFinder eSearch tool is still available for users to test ... read more

Missing Lamb Survival eBVs & indexes - SIL-ACE Lists & RamFinder     - 4/5/2011
Issue resolved. *** UPDATE *** Some flocks were missing Lamb Survival information in Feb-2011 SIL-ACE read more

Impact of EARTHQUAKE on SIL     - 2/3/2011
The Christchurch earthquake has had little impact on SIL activity ... read more

BV accuracies released     - 31/1/2011
SIL releases accuracies for BVs... read more

Why some animals dropped in index after May 2010     - 22/12/2010
Some animals dropped in index when evaluations of Growth & Meat changed ... read more

Coding lamb losses in storms     - 18/11/2010
SIL guidelines on what to do about coding lamb losses in severe storms  ... read more

eSearch FlockFinder tool now online     - 18/11/2010
FlockFinder, the SIL eSearch tool for ram buyers, is now online read more

SIL-ACE Evaluations     - 26/10/2010
The latest SIL-ACE reports are now available, OCTOBER 2010  read more

Growth & Meat revision now operational     - 31/5/2010
The new Growth & Meat evaluations and indexes are now live on SIL. read more

Genetic Vision - specifying flock breed or genotype     - 31/5/2010
A new flock variable to help specify the breed or genotype of sheep you want to buy ... read more

Delayed implementation of new Growth & Meat indexes     - 3/5/2010
Due to technical issues, these will now become operational in late May...  read more

eSearch for SIL-ACE     - 23/3/2010
Shortly SIL will release the first version of eSearch, an on-line search tool for SIL-ACE ...  read more

SIL Newsletter No 11     - 23/3/2010
The latest SIL Newsletter is available now ... read more

Changes to SIL Growth & Meat indexes     - 23/3/2010
Growth & meat indexes revised to improve useability ... read more

Across Flock Report Manager information     - 5/2/2010
SIL Across Flock Report Manager - Appointment Criteria plus Responsibilities & Duties read more

Updated lists of flocks registered for Health Trait Evaluations     - 29/1/2010
2010 lists of flocks registered for Health Traits available,   read more

SIL service continues, with changes     - 17/12/2009
SIL has made changes to how it operates in the wake of the loss of Wool Levy income,   read more

SIL releases two new goal trait groups     - 3/7/2009
Goal trait groups for Bare Point Traits and Ewe Longevity have been released by SIL. read more

M&WNZ Central Progeny Test     - 3/7/2009
Latest results of the M&WNZ CPT have been released. read more

SIL Sheep Genetics Day     - 3/7/2009
The SIL Sheep Genetics Day run in conjunction with the NZSAP conference run on the 25th June was a successfull day. read more

SIL Flock lists for 3 Health Traits     - 23/4/2009
SIL flocks who are registered for Resistance to Internal Parasites using WormFecTM,, Resilience to Internal Parasites, and Tolerance to Facial Eczema using RamGuard can be found in our Buying Rams section. read more

SIL-eNotes for Breeders     - 23/4/2009
A quick tip and reminder service has been set up for SIL breeders on how to get the best out of performance recording and genetic evaluations with SIL. read more

New & updated technical notes     - 11/9/2008
We have added some new & updated technical notes related to Internal Parasite Resilience & a new sub-index for Hogget Lambing. A new technical note for the latest SIL Index Weightings 2008 has also been added. read more

10 for 10 Breeder Workshop series     - 13/8/2008
A chance for SIL to give breeders answers... read more

Ram buying tips     - 24/9/2007
Some new notes are available for ram buyers... read more

Scaling changes in SIL standard indexes     - 20/9/2007
Increase in carcass weight objective - how this affects index values (updated 20 Sep 2007)... read more

Change to ACE analysis in August 2007     - 17/8/2007
SIL-ACE evaluations now derive BV for maternal weaning weight... read more

New Technical Notes     - 27/6/2007
SIL has updated some technical notes... read more