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Updated Leader Lists for SIL-ACE Survival


New SIL-ACE Sire Leader Lists for Lamb Survival posted on SIL-ACE downloads page. ***UPDATE*** 

Unusual results in the SIL-ACE Sire Leader Lists for DP Lamb Survival and TS Lamb Survival were brought to the attention of SIL in early Mar-2012. These have been traced to unexpected coding of cull lambs in at least one flock. SIL will place revised Sire Leader Lists on the SIL-ACE downloads page shortly. The coding problem caused inflation of Lamb Survival eBVs for sires used in that flock and another flock connected to that flock.

The results affected were those from the Feb-2012 SIL-ACE evaluation and the SIL reports concerned are dated 9-feb-2012. Revised reports will be dated early March.

Any queries related to this issue should be directed to Mark Young (

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