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Sheep50k breeding values available


 IMPORTANT UPDATE  about Pfizer Animal Genetics Sheep50k BVs on SIL ...

STOP PRESS - Production of genomic BVs by SIL has been suspended due to technical problems in their calculation found by the scientific developers. SIL will implement a revised and tested method for their calculation when it is received - Mark Young, Apr-2011

Earlier announcement from 31-jan-2011

SIL is pleased to announce that flocks using the Zoetis Animal Genetics Sheep50k DNA test can now use the results with SIL information to produce more accurate breeding values.

Sheep50k data is used to produce molecular breeding values (mBV). These can be combined ("blended") with SIL estimated breeding values (eBV), weighting them for their respective accuracies, to produce a genomic breeding value (gBV). Genomic BVs slot into SIL indexes just like eBVs.

Where some animals in a flock have Sheep50k based mBVs, genomic BVs can be requested for an evaluation. SIL then produces new eBVs based on performance and pedigree information from the SIL database and then combines these with mBVs where these are available. For animals with a Sheep50k gene test, half their mBV values are passed to progeny when SIL does this blending. For animals without this mBV information, the genomic BV will be the same as the eBV. Genomic BVs are more accurate than either eBVs or mBVs.

For more detail about the Sheep50k service, click here to contact Zoetis Animal Genetics