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SIL recorded sheep for sale - 20-feb-2015


Test page - to assess interest in listings of SIL flocks, or part flocks, for sale

Romney flock for sale

An established Romney stud flock in the North Island, Stormy Point (SIL flock 197), is for sale. With 25 years of performance records the vendor hopes this can be bought by an established stud wanting to add to their genetics programme or by someone wanting to set up a new breeding operation. The preference is to sell the flock as a whole but other offers may be considered.
The traits recorded in flock 197 are Reproduction, Lamb Survival, Lamb Growth, Adult Size, Meat Yield and Wool production (sources of information – FlockFinder app for smart phones and SIL-ACE flock connectedness table from SIL-ACE webpage). The flock participates in SIL-ACE, the large scale across flock genetic evaluation that SIL conducts every 2 months. You can assess genetic merit of flock 197 using the FlockFinder or RamFinder tools on the SIL website (
Contact details for Stormy Point can be got from any of the SIL webtools (BreederFinder, FlockFinder & RamFinder) or the FlockFinder smart phone app. Alternatively, go to the Stormy Point website via the following link.


NB: The above listing is a GENUINE offer for sale. B+LNZ Genetics want to know whether having a webpage where such opportunities can be listed is wanted by existing or prospective ram breeders. Feel free to email SIL with your views by sending a message to