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SIL-ACE information reorganized


To make it easier to find what  you want ...

SIL has reorganized the SIL-ACE webpages to make it easier to find relevant information. We have stripped out most links to information that does not change from one genetic evaluation to the next from the latest SIL-ACE results downloads page ( so you can find the information that you want more easily. The link to thispage is called "Sire Leader Lists" on the SIL-ACE main page.

We have also merged the lists of SIL-ACE Flock Participant and the Flock Trait Connectedness lists into one list. The complex flock connectedness graphics (or dendrograms) will no longer be placed on the web based on user feedback.

General information, including that removed from the SIre Leader Lists downlods page is now available from the main SIL-ACE web page ( or a page that links to that.

Links to the powerful eSearch tools, FlockFinder and RamFinder, are found near the top of the main SIL-ACE web page with the link to the revamped Sire Leader Lists page. Later in 2011 SIL will release a revised Breeder Search tool which will have a link in the same place. This revised tool replaces the Breeder Search tool that is currently active.

Please send your comments to SIL at if you think we can improve things further.