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The Christchurch earthquake has had little impact on SIL activity ...

Three SIL bureaus and Dr Mark Young, SIL Geneticist with Beef + Lamb New Zealand, operate out of Christchurch but the impact of the Feb 22 earthquake has been minimial. Many SIL breeders will see no evidence of this in the service they receive. It helps that components of the SIL system are spread around the country.

Ken Moore of NZPRS was affected to the greatest degree after his house and office were greatly shaken but after tidying things up it was business as usual, despite the continuing aftershocks. FlockLinc has had a brief break while buildings are inspected but service largely proceeds as normal. NZ Sheepbreeders Association bureau was hardly affected at all. Mark Young had the rest of the week off helping out locally with the aftermath of the quake and has been working from home until today when the B+LNZ offices were cleared for use again by structural engineers.

However, the devastation in Christchurch is very real. The impact is emphasised by the fact that some areas have had little noticeable effect while other areas have been badly hit. This is similar to the central city where some buildings have been destroyed while others rode the shaking out without significant damage. It would appear that this is a combination of several things - proximity to the earthquake epicentre, the ground underneath the building and design features of buildings. The disasters at the PGC and CTV buldings show that even relatively modern buildings fell victim to the power of this earthquake. Those most affected need help and are likely to be greatly affected for some time to come. The help of others will be important to bring recovery to these people, places and buildings as early as possible. The effects will be felt for years to come.

We continue to get aftershocks of significant magnitude in Christchurch. This is wearing on nerves. Thoughts of sympathy have come from aound the country (& the world) to us here in Christchurch and they have helped us cope. Thank-you to all those who sent us such support.