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Genetic Vision - specifying flock breed or genotype


A new flock variable to help specify the breed or genotype of sheep you want to buy ...

In 2010 SIL introduced a flock variable called Genetic Vision. This is "like, but not like", breed. It helps identify flocks with a breeding programme marketed as a named sheep type. It can be thought of as a "genetic brand".

SIL records for individual animals up to 5 breeds and their percentages in their pedigree background which we need to continue to do. Individual animals in the flock may differ in the breed make up of their pedigree but will share this genetic brand. In most, but not all, flocks the Genetic Vision will be the same as the breed because they are purebred animals.

Genetic Vision will be used in the new on-line search tools, eSearch FlockFinder and eSearch RamFinder, that SIL is releasing in 2010. These help flocate flocks or individuals within those flocks, for a given genotype brand.

Read more, by clicking on the link below, about how this new variable which can help you buy rams of the type you have, or sell rams of the type you want.