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Dag Score evaluation revised


SIL has revised the dag score evaluation to fix probelms encountered with data in some flocks ***NEW*** 

Probelms with extreme eBVs (very high or very low) were found in a couple of flocks. This led to dag score contributing more than 1000 index points for some animals. This happened when the dag score data for a cohort of animals did not meet the best practice specification in the SIL Technical Note on Dag Score.

SIL commissioned research to look at this and find a solution ot his problem. The new revised the Dag Score evaluation overcomes this problem.

SIL has also revised the index weightings put on dag score eBVs. More detail about these changes can be found in this SIL webnote on Dag Score revision

NOTE: The first release of the revised index weights on 16-sep-2011 detailed slightly different values. The correct values are described in the SIL Web Note dated 22-sep-2011. The SIL System has also been updated to the correct index weights for Dag Score eBVs.