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Changes to SIL-ACE Sire Leader Lists


There are now fewer variations for DP indexes combining information across goal trait groups.

SIL has rationalized the number of Sire Leader Lists for DP Indexes. There are now lists for a standard "SIL-ACE DP Index", based on Reproduction + Lamb Growth + Adult Size + Wool, and three variations on this by adding one of Meat Yield, Parasite Resistance (WormFEC) or Facial Eczema Tolerance to the basic SIL-ACE DP index. The SIL-ACE TS index remains unchanged.

Individual Goal Trait Groups still have their own Sire Leader Lists.

If you cannot see the list you are used to, you can still find sires rated for that particular set of Goal Traits by using the SIL RamFinder tool.  

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