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eSearch for SIL-ACE


Shortly SIL will release the first version of eSearch, an on-line search tool for SIL-ACE ... 

SIL has been developing a set of on-line search tools called eSearch for SIL-ACE. These tools are similar to those used in other farm animals (e.g. Internet Solutions for beef cattle) and bring NZ sheep genetics into the 21st century. The first version of this set of tools is due for release in May 2010.


  • The FlockFinder tool will allow ram buyers to search the entire SIL-ACE dataset to identify flocks that have animals with genetic ratings for the traits that they want to improve in their flocks. If a trait is important, you can focus on it using SIL breeding values (BVs) and indexes of genetic merit.


  • The RamFinder tool will allow ram breeders to search the entire SIL-ACE dataset to identify animals with the combinations of genetic merit for individual traits and indexes that can add to their breeding programme.

Both tools have been field tested by commercial farmers (ram buyers), breeders and other professionals. Feedback from these groups has led to some fine-tuning of these tools with the aim of providing efficient tools that deliver what each group need. Final pre-release testing is occuring now.

eSearch allows users to use a new search criterion, Genetic Vision, to identify branded genotypes, including established breeds, or flocks with a predominant breed that has used a few rams of another breed in the past. Read more about this by clicking here.