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Buying rams?


SIL has a variety of information to help ram buyers. *** IMPORTANT ***

If you are wondering where you could buy rams, SIL has information on this website to help you. This page has links to help you in several ways.

Locate breeder contact details

To do this, use the BreederFinder tool. You can do searches with just the SIL flock number, part of a flock name, part of an owner name or just the breed (we call that "genetic vision"). All flocks actively recording performance on SIL can be found with this tool.

Click here for the BreederFinder tool

Locate flocks recording key traits

We have several things to help here. The FlockFinder tool allows you specify key traits, location and breed (genetic vision) and search forflocks that match your criteria. Go to FlockFinder using the link below.

SIL also provides lists of those flocks registered for or using specific health traits. More and more farmers are wanting sheep to be less affected by health challenges and we can thank those breeders whio have invested years of effort into selecting sheep that have this capacity. Go to the link below to find lists of these flocks.

Looking for rams with high merit in specific traits?

SIL conducts a large-scale across flock genetic evaluation regularly. Called SIL-ACE, this evaluation considers all the most commonly recorded traits. Sire Leader lists are placed on the SIL website to help breeders monitor where leading bloodlines are.

To help breeders identify animals with specific combinations of genetic merit a powerful search tool is available called RamFinder. Users need to be familiar with SIL jargon such as the different trait eBVs and indexes of merit. RamFinder allows users to set thresholds or windows for merit in different traits and indexes. While designed for use by ram breeders, some ram buyers use it to keep an eye on how genetics are performing int he flocks they are buying rams from.  

To help users benchmark genetic merit, SIL produces a percentile bands table showing where the top 5%, 20% and so on, of animals are for genetic merit in a variety of indexes and eBV traits based on the latest SIL-ACE evaluation. Bear in mind that since SIL-ACE is an across flock and breed evaluation, growth ratings are more likely to be dominated by out-and-out terminal sire sheep where that is the key trait, and so dual purpose (ewe breed) sheep will not acheive high ratings as easily.

This percentile bands table cannot be validly used as a gauge of merit for ratings from other SIL evaluations.

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