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Bareness Goal Trait Group


Release of new trait

SIL has introduced a new Goal Trait Group for Bareness or Bare Points. At present the genetic evaluation produces rBvs not eBVs. These are calculated in exactly the same way but rBVs are those resulting from research projects but which we cannot validate yet with an adequate quantity of commercial data from SIL breeder flocks.

We expect to convert rBvs to eBVs once there is sufficient commercial data for, and we carry out, validation. The rBV system is designed to allow us to release new ideas to industry so that breeders can use them in their breeding programme and get BVs for the traits. However, there is the possibility that some adjustments may be needed to the evaluation in the future to ensure results of the genetic validation match expectations about what is reasonable for the traits.

A technical note about Bareness can be found on this page for Technical Notes for Health Traits. A list of flocks recording these traits can be found on this page for Health Trait Flock Lists.


If you have any queries about this, please contact SIL via or by calling 0800-silhelp