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BV accuracies released


SIL releases accuracies for BVs...

SIL has completed technical development and implementation of accuracies for breeding values (BV). These are being offered for all three types of BV that SIL now offers (see News about Pfizer Animal Genetics Sheep50k product which generates new types of BV).

Accuracy is already built into standard SIL eBVs. Less accurate eBVs are pulled back toward an average value. Thus the spread of low accuracy eBVs is much less than the spread of highly accurate eBVs. Selection on eBV without reference to accuracy is not expected to adversely affect genetic gain. In contrast, biasing selection toward more accurate eBvs may in fact slow rate of genetic gain because it may be associated with significantly increased generation interval. Higher accuracies are more likely for older animals and their progeny.

Accuracies are required for SIL to "blend" standard SIL (estimated) eBVs with the new Sheep50k derived (Molecular) mBVs to produce (genomic) gBVs. The relative emphasis put on eBV and mBV information depends on accuracies for each BV. resultant gBVs are more accurate than either eBVs or mBVs where both types are available.

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