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SIL-ACE Evaluations


The latest SIL-ACE reports are now available, OCTOBER 2010 

As you may know, SIL has been involved with the evaluation of rams from different breeds in the Central Progeny Test flocks (CPT) run at Woodlands (Southland), Lincoln (Canterbury) and Poukawa (Hawkes Bay). The majority of ram breeders who supplied these rams, and many other SIL breeders, have agreed to participate in a genetic evaluation across all their flocks using these CPT flocks to provide genetic connections. Results of this unique analysis have been summarised in the SIL-ACE (SIL Advanced Central Evaluation) reports published on the internet at SIL-ACE Downloads page. You can print these out to look at.

Note that these reports only list the top performing sires used in the main group of connected flocks (c.5-10%). Reports generally list the top 200 sires; the total number of sires in the connected flocks is given in the technical details of the analysis.